Opium and Geopolitics

Opium poppies have been of much value to the world since the neo—lithic age. Today though it acts as a gargantuan ulcer in the belly of the very earth, dismantling regimes and transforming the power dynamics. It has the ability to support both—State and Non-State actors. If earlier, they were cultivated for food, anesthesia, and ritual purposes today it is a powerful mechanism for the transfer and control of wealth, power, terror and governance. This is especially true in Asia and Europe with the famed drug—led “Opium Wars” between Britain and China. Back in the 19th century, the balance of […]

Space Race and its Geopolitical Bearings

The race to be first in any field has rendered the environment, earth or space, as a battleground for all nations. Space explorations have indeed created a possibility for States to colonize not just the earth but the entire solar system. As the human society advances so does its technological abilities. Earlier we had government space programs, but today we have large corporates investing and betting big on this industry. Whether its Cassini Orbiter, which gave us an ephemeral view of the Saturn, its rings and its moons or the latest —NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which will be the first […]

Environmental Geopolitics in 21st Century

  Globalization has rendered the mankind at a disjuncture between traditional geopolitical specifications— spatial or territorial— and the new age political landscape, which is more material than moral in context of economics, society and environment. This has led to rising concerns about natural resource depletion, global warming, climate change, wildlife extinction, space colonization, rising sea levels, droughts, floods, destruction of natural habitats like forests and coral reefs etc. Mankind has definitely taken the fate in his own hands- where gluttony has taken over governance. It is interesting then to see how modern school of thought on one hands promotes environment […]

Renewables and the Power Dynamics

The past few years in the world history have been marred with geopolitical volatility. A prominent risk to the geopolitical landscape is energy crisis (including the renewables landscape). It is a proven fact that every international regime, old or modern, is based on an energy resource. While coal and steam backed the British Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, petroleum and natural gas served as the backdrop for American hegemony from the late 19th to early 21st centuries. With sustainable development and climate change having gained momentum in the last few years, the present times will certainly be looked […]

Energy: A Basic Human Right

Energy is the key element which connects society, politics, and economies to the environment. Without natural resources the mankind would cease to exist. In present times, it is an inalienable part required to run our day—to—day lives seamlessly, particularly in form of electricity. It serves as a catalyst for the growth story of developing societies and economies. This, accompanied by rise in advanced technologies and innovative practices, further adds value to the otherwise constantly evolving standard of living. It ensures upliftment of the society from the clutches of poverty, hunger, water crisis, diseases etc.; along with economic progress and an […]

The Times of ‘Anthropogenic’ Climate Change

In 2007, a team of climate experts presented a case for assuaging the global greenhouse gas emissions, in the Fourth Assessment Report of the International Panel for Climate Change. It elaborated on the impending threats: rising temperatures, change in rainfall patterns, melting of glaciers, rise of global mean sea level among others. 10 years later the reality is no different, albeit concerted efforts on part of global community have been made. Greenhouse gas emission, the primary anti-hero of the climate story, has heightened the global warming through natural or anthropogenic processes. The main sources being increased burning of fossil fuels, Deforestation […]

Oil Market in Climate Change Discourse

The Oil-Price Shocks of 1970s and 80s catalyzed the modern energy policy world over. This time yet again, with environmental concerns gaining prominence and change in geopolitical landscape, global energy space is experiencing a watershed moment. Earlier, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change set a comprehensive, long-tenure objective to control greenhouse-gas emissions and the anthropogenic climate change; and with old players giving strong competition post their comeback in the market- the sector has been subject to tough, if not tumultuous, fluctuations. Additionally, for long, environmentalists had hoped a reversal in natural resource extraction activities, by switching to renewables- but […]

Climate Security in Times of Energy Insecurity

There is a surge in energy demand world-over, which is increasingly still being met by conventional fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. (Coal is the king in Asia-Pacific, at least till 2040). In last few decades, this has led to serious implications in form of increase in carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, resulting in rise of temperature. With rise in global warming, the countries are now fast looking out for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and most of them targeting their energy basket. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has in its […]

Changing Dynamics of Energy Sector

Energy is the key to socio—economic growth, environmental sustainability and human development in a society. The SDG 2030 Agenda clearly outlines the intrinsic importance of energy in such a holistic development. With approximately 1.1 billion people still lacking access to electricity and an estimated 2.8 billion without access to clean cooking facilities (IEA Energy Access Report 2017) — it is imperative for the world community to constantly innovate and create new mediums to increase the energy outreach. It is crucial to understand that energy issues are at the heart of achieving sustainable development goals and in overcoming issues such as […]

Enernet Critical for Smart City Foundation

Back in 1990s, the world witnessed a watershed moment with the IT revolution— followed by a stream of Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber etc. transforming the world; helping us define the old and the modern world better. Today too, the world has reached a new horizon with the introduction of Enernet or Energy Internet and soon we all will be dependent on it. With internet—of—things guiding the way, there will be power plants, renewable power stations, electric cars, electrical appliances— all woven together in a bouquet of wireless communication and power lines.  Enernet has the ability to […]