The years 1992 and 2015 are historic for the environment movement, wherein each of the years witnessed important treaties and conferences, redefining plethora of academic and policy initiatives of past, present and future. Be it the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Climate Treaty, Agenda 21 or Rio Declaration on Environment and Development among others. These signal to a major shift in international commitments to both sustainability and development. Conversely, pinning down the technical, normative or political definitions of sustainability is a difficult prospect. Over the years, especially due to rising incidence of natural catastrophe, it has come to resonate more with […]

Policy Advocacy for Climate Change Mitigation and Global Energy Mix

Policy advocacy plays a crucial role in deployment of renewable energy technologies. Be it wind, solar or geothermal, policy helps in mitigating the risks experienced when operating in the renewables sector. It helps in reducing the perils observed by the private players, through increased capital flow for R&D. However, the trouble does not end there, as organizations face significant challenges in the marketplace. Despite this, the industry has seen phenomenal growth in the last few years. The continued growth in renewables has been driven by several factors. Worldwide awareness of the role of renewable energy in alleviating the greenhouse gas […]

Fossil Fuel Policy for Mitigating Climate Change

Climate change poses a glaring challenge for the present generation who fast needs to mitigate the causes of the same in order obtain a sustainable world. This definitely calls for complete phase out of fossil fuels which have been instrumental in enhancing the calamity. The social optimum by today‚Äôs standards requires an immediate aggressive renewable fuel intervention apart from a gradually rising carbon tax which falls in the long run. As more and more renewables are used in relation to fossil fuel, faster will be the advent of carbon free era. And as more fossil fuel will be locked up […]